Digestive System

The digestive system of the human body starts from the mouth and ends at the anus. The function of the digestive system begins immediately with the sight and smell of food substances. Physically, this process starts just after ingestion of food. Saliva (in the mouth) helps to transform the solid food into a semisolid paste which reaches the stomach through the esophagus and gets degraded further into a simpler form, thus partially digested. The semi digested particles are further digested and absorbed in the small intestine with the help of bile and other pancreatic enzymes and pushed to the large intestine where complete digestion and absorption of food particles (along with water and minerals) takes place. The large intestine is a storehouse of several forms of bacteria which are involved in the digestion process. After full absorption, the left over undigested substances are expelled out of the body as stools/feces.


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