Delayed Pregnancy

Working women often postpone motherhood without realising its deleterious consequences, relying instead on reproductive technologies to restore their childbearing capacity. These women delay pregnancies in their most fertile years for a variety of reasons, such as focusing on careers, lack of financial stability, or not having a partner.

They are vaguely aware that fertility decreases with age, but it is only when they experience age-related infertility firsthand that they begin to understand the reality of their situation. The growing popularity of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) has given women the impression that female fertility may be manipulated at any stage in life. The problem is exacerbated due to images of celebrities who seem to effortlessly give birth at advanced ages.

Even if you conceive, there are possibilities of having problems in sustaining the pregnancy. This is because the hormonal variations in a woman’s body can cause spontaneous miscarriage. Besides these, there are other problems like thyroid, diabetes and high blood pressure that are likely to crop up especially in the second trimester. When there are such complications, the risk of having a premature delivery also increases.

When you have a late pregnancy, not only you but your baby is also at a greater risk. Even if you manage to conceive easily, the risks of delivering a healthy baby in the right way is low.


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