Dark Circles

Medically termed periorbital circles, dark circles are dark blemishes under the eyes and they are easily visible because they are actually the blood vessels that can be seen through the skin. This is because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest. Understandably, the clearer the skin, the more obvious are the blemishes. Not all occurrences of baggy under-eyes are permanent. Allergies, cold or a sinus problem might cause puffing up of the eyes. Crying may also lead to puffed eyes because of a phenomenon called osmosis – the water travels from areas where there’s less salt to tissues with more salt. Alcohol, too much make-up, Smoking and over-exposure to sunlight may also be reasons for dark circles. Other than these, genetics, medication, unbalanced diet and ageing also result in under-eye circles and wrinkles. Some methods to get rid of dark circles are: Hydration, Face Yoga, Natural soothing, under-eye gels, usage of concealer, a healthy lifestyle and finally, a skin specialist. You can also look for creams and gels containing neuropeptides which also perform a similar function. Vitamin E in gels and creams protects the skin while Vitamin C helps in collagen production and boosts elasticity of skin. If under-eye circles are chronic, a good hairstyle can deflect attention from them, says stylist Tom Brophy. For instance, side-swept bangs cut from a side part will direct the beholder’s gaze away from the under-eye area, as will soft layers around the face.


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