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Does exercising for you mean getting up to grab the remote to change the TV channel? Let's change that outlook now, shall we! Doesn't matter if yoga, Zumba and aerobics for you are names people might fancy for their pets -- we are not judging you. We understand that while we all want to be healthy and fit, we lack either the motivation or the discipline to achieve that. Committing to exercising in a gym every day, week after week is too huge a commitment. If you like to keep the mix interesting, you have come to right place. We bring you an elaborate fitness plan, every day for a whole year.Why stick to a weekly diet plan when you can enjoy a healthy feast every day? Don't like going to a gym, we tell you the best home exercises. Love going to a gym but can't figure out how to work specific equipment? Fret not, we have all the answers for your fitness queries. So hop on the fitness express and bid adieu to the unhealthy lifestyle. Wondering where to start, here's Fitness Plan Day 1.


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