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Colic in babies is often associated with uncontrolled crying. Though the exact reason for colic is not known experts believe that a crushing abdominal pain in the infants causes colic. Since babies cannot talk about pain so it is obvious that they cry it out. Also colic is very common in babies during their initial months. If a baby cries for more than three hours a day and more than three days a week, but is otherwise healthy and playful chances are that its an episode of colic. Although there can be innumerable reasons for your baby to cry. Colic is present between 5 to 25 percent of the infants. It usually happens in babies aged two weeks to four months. 

Though there are many explanations given to justify the problem of colic in children, the most common of all is that excess wind in the baby's system makes the intestine contract giving rise to an excruciating pain intolerable for the little ones. It is generally believed that air intake during the feeds both - bottle and breastfeeding - gives rise to colic. 

To prevent colic episodes it is important to help the baby feed right. One way to do it is to hold the baby in the right position while feeding. Keep in mind that there should be minimal distance between the baby's mouth and the nipple - bottle or the breast. This ensures that your baby takes in less air during the feed. Else burp your baby after every feed. This will help your baby to expel air out that could later give rise to colic pain. Apart from this there are various other ways to soothe your  baby's colic. 

But remember there is no definite way to deal with colic. Smart mums find out what works best for their baby through trial and error. But the good thing about colic is that it doesn't last forever. 





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