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Bodybuilding refers to the act of building your muscles by exercising and weight training. It requires a good combination of workout regime and specific calorie intake with sufficient rest. Some people do it for recreation but there are professional bodybuilders who take up bodybuilding as a career. In bodybuilding, the size and shape of bodybuilders is more important than their physical strength, which is the main aspect of power lifting. That’s why body building requires specific techniques and workout programmes targeted to enlarge muscles. Here are a few tips for guaranteed muscle growth.  Under this section, you will find tips, articles, experts’ opinion and videos on how to tone your body and transform into a bodybuilder. You can find exercises and steps to tone a specific body part. For example, steps to build huge biceps, exercises for massive shoulders, overall body building exercise. You will also find information on bodybuilding training programmes followed by few inspirational personalities from Vin Diesel, Billy Garnon to Salman Khan and Arjun Kapoor.


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