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Blood Sugar

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Blood sugar or glucose is derived from the foods that we eat. Our body metabolizes the complex carbohydrates present in food into its simpler forms mainly glucose. It is then transported to the body cells through the blood where it is acts as an energy source. Hence, our body requires sugar or glucose for proper functioning of the organs and leading a healthy life.

Diabetes is a chronic disease condition in which the blood sugar levels are higher than the normal range. And having high levels of blood glucose in the body may result in serious health complications over time. Even if you do not have diabetes, sometimes your blood sugar levels tend to fluctuate and hence, it is important to check your sugar level and maintain it.

By means of a simple blood test called A1C, your doctor can check your blood sugar level and may recommend dietary changes or medicines to control it. One can prevent type2 diabetes by following a strict dietary plan, lifestyle modifications, inculcating a regular exercise regime and by taking proper self-care.


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