Blood Sugar Level

The blood sugar level is defined as the amount or concentration of the sugar (glucose) present in the blood. The body regulates the blood glucose levels with the help of insulin (a hormone secreted by pancreas). In case the blood sugar levels either increases or decreases than the normal range, it indicates clinical condition. The normal range of blood sugar level in the body is between 80 mg/dL – 120mg/dL.

If your blood sugar level increases beyond 120 mg/dL, you may suffer from hyperglycemia (generally termed as diabetes). And in case your blood sugar levels are below 80mg/dL than you might be suffering from hypoglycemia. Blood sugar levels that higher than normal indicate diabetes or pre-diabetes and can be diagnosed by fasting plasma glucose test, oral glucose tolerance test and random blood sugar level test.

One can maintain their blood sugar levels within normal range by leading a healthy and active life. This can be achieved by consuming healthy foods, indulging in some exercises and getting adequate sleep.


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