Bladder Cancer

The urinary bladder is a balloon shaped organ where the urine gets accumulated before it is expelled out of the body. Development of abnormal tissue growth in the bladder leads to bladder cancer. The cancerous growth usually occurs in the inner lining of bladder (also known as transitional cell carcinomas) though it can also affect other surrounding areas. It is one of the most common types of cancer, which is prevalent worldwide and affects both men and women. The symptoms include hematuria (blood in urine), pain during urination, pain in the pelvis region and in the back. The exact cause for this disease is not yet discovered but certain factors like smoking, exposure to radiation, infection or contact with some chemicals may increase the risk of this disease. Treatment of bladder cancer depends on its severity. However, surgical procedures are recommended which can remove the cancerous tissues. Apart from that, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy may also be suggested. 


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