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Alcoholism is a form of substance abuse where a person becomes extremely addicted to alcohol. While the term is similar to alcohol abuse, alcoholism is considered a form of substance dependence. Broadly speaking alcoholics can be divided into three categories – 1) People who drink and exhibit anti-social, disruptive and pleasure seeking behaviour 2) People who are unable to go large periods without drinking and show withdrawal symptoms similar to drug-users when they cannot and 3) Binge drinkers who might not be dependent on alcohol but it refers to people who drink copious amounts on occasions just to get intoxicated.

 Now, heavy alcohol consumption has several short-term and long-term effects. In the short-term, it distracts your liver from performing its primary function which is to breakdown toxins and to provide glucose to the rest of the body. In the long run it can lead to complete liver failure and is also linked to cancer, heart disease, nervous system disorders, disrupt your sleep pattern, sexual dysfunction, kidney stones, mental health issues and dementia. So think about the long-term consequences of alcohol consumption before you sip your next drink! 


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