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If you have been through a liver or kidney function test, serum albumin test must have been one of them. Albumin is a protein commonly found in blood. It is made by the liver and is the most abundant blood plasma protein (serum albumin).

Serum albumin serves as carriers for many small molecules like calcium, potassium, sodium, bilirubin, hormones, drugs, etc. through the blood. It regulates volume of blood by maintaining the pressure difference that helps keep the water from the blood from seeping out into the tissues.

A serum albumin test measures the amount of albumin in the blood serum. It helps determine conditions of liver and kidney. It may also help determine deficient protein absorption by the body. Hypoalbuminemia is low albumin levels in serum. It may be a sign of liver disease, kidney disease, burns, malnutrition, low-protein diet, protein malabsorption, etc. Hyperalbuminemia, or high albumin serum level, may be caused by dehydration and high protein diet.


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