Acne Scars

pimple arises due to some sort of skin damage; during the healing process, the body creates new skin cells and collagen fibers – this repair process leads to the formation of the acne scars. When it comes to reducing acne marks, it is important to remember this because whatever the form of treatment you use, the scars won’t really go away – its only their colour, size and appearance that can be modified so as to render them undetectable.

Along with the use of these home remedies, it is important to take steps to prevent new pimples from erupting. Stress tends to cause hormonal changes that can worsen acne; so use deep breathing exercises and meditation to keep stress away. Cut down on your use of oil-based cosmetics such as moisturisers and make-up and even hair products; this will reduce the blocking of the pores in the skin and reduce your chances of an acne outbreak. While there is nothing you can do about the appearance of acne prior to or during the menstruation period, you can certainly avoid it getting worse by keeping your face clean and free from oil and adopting a ‘no touching or breaking pimples’ policy.

These are the most effective options – from gentlest to strongest – to help eradicate your acne marks:  Topical retinoids, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion and Lasers. 


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