An unplanned pregnancy can come as quite a shock, and it is important for a woman to understand what her choices are. Apart from having the child, in India a woman has the choice to undergo a medical termination of her pregnancy up to twenty weeks of gestation.

Abortion refers to the deliberate medical termination of pregnancy. It can generally be of two types – medical and surgical. A woman who is less than 7 weeks pregnant can undergo a medical abortion but if the gestation period is of more than 7 weeks, the patient is recommended surgical abortion. Surgical abortion can be recommended upto 11-12 weeks of pregnancy.

In India, abortion is a legalized procedure. With a doctor’s advice, anybody can go for an abortion. Women with uncontrolled conditions like hypertension, diabetes, congenital heart defects etc. will need to get these diseases under control before the surgery is performed. A remote complication of infertility might arise in future. This happens very rarely if the patient suffers from pelvic inflammatory disease, damage to uterus which can cause Asherman’s syndrome, tubal blockage as a result of abortion etc. All these can lead to infertility in future.

During her stay in the hospital, the patient is kept under observation where her vital parameters – like her heart rate, oxygen levels etc. – are continuously monitored. At home too, the patient needs to follow a light diet and take small walks. Most importantly she should restrain from carrying heavy objects.


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