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The White Box has been unveiled and it contains a bright surprise

This surprise couldn't get any better and brighter.

Written by Sponsored |Updated : May 25, 2016 11:44 AM IST

Remember how we told you about a mysterious white box gripping the internet and its expected unveiling? Well, we have kept our promise and are now going to spill the beans about its contents. The coveted white box received by a privileged few contains the new variant of Sensodyne - SensodyneWhitening Toothpaste - and premium tea & coffee. Puzzled about what it will do? Here s the deal:

For most of us a cup of tea or coffee is a matter of habit and a way to jumpstart our day, but we fail to realize that the beverage could be making our smiles dull by staining our teeth. To bring back your confident smile, Sensodyne has introduced a new variant called Sensodyne Whitening Toothpaste which provides dual action - relief from sensitivity and whitening action to remove teeth stains.

Riding high on its credibility as a trusted brand, Sensodyne has introduced this variant in style which will allow consumers to enjoy their favourite beverage without worrying about staining of teeth.

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We re of the opinion that just like Sensodyne won accolades in helping relieve tooth sensitivity in many people, Sensodyne Whitening Toothpaste will help people get their natural, white and bright smile back and exude confidence while keeping tooth sensitivity at bay.

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