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Will I get pregnant if I miss taking the birth control pill? (Query of the day)

What should you do if you've missed taking the all-important pill?

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : September 25, 2014 5:53 PM IST

contraceptiveI missed taking my contraceptive pill two days back. On the same night I had intercourse with my partner. I want to know if missing the pill and having sex on the same day increases one's chance of getting pregnant?

Being even 12 hours late in taking your birth control pill can increase your chance of getting pregnant. Depending upon how many pills you have missed and when, your chances of getting pregnant may increase. Here's what you should do if you miss your oral contraceptive:

  • If you happened to forget to take your pill before having sex, take it immediately as soon as you remember.
  • Your birth control pills will have active and inactive pills. Depending on when and what day of the month you missed taking it, your chances of pregnancy increase.
  • If you have missed one or two pills in the beginning of the pack then take the pill as soon as you remember and the next pill at the scheduled time. You will need a seven days back-up method for birth control, like asking your partner to use a condom. Also you can opt to use a female condom. Know more about how to use a female condom.
  • If you miss one or two pills from day 3 through day 21 of your pack, then take a pill as soon as you remember and take the next pill at the usual time. In this case you wouldn't need a back up plan.
  • If you miss three or more pills in the first two weeks of the pack, take a pill as soon as you remember and take the next pill as scheduled. A seven day back up birth control plan will be necessary.
  • If you miss 3 or more pills in the third week, do not try to finish the pack, because the last seven pills in the pack are a placebo or non-hormonal pills. Instead start with a new pack and again have a seven day back up plan ready.
  • If you miss any of the first 21 pills in your pack you need to use an alternate birth control method such as a condom for the next 7 days.

Tip: To make sure you do not miss on your pill put a reminder on your smart phone, and remember to reset it at the end of every month.

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