Why every Indian couple must live in before getting married?

Here's why every Indian couple should go for it.

We are definitely not in the era where you meet your wife on the wedding night. Most of us have had our fair share of relationships before deciding to get married. Though taking failed relationships is easy, getting out of marriage isn t so. It s a bond to last and it is only better if you are sure about your partner. This is why knowing each other well before you get hitched is essential. Here are some reasons why Indian couples must live-in before getting married:

You can figure out what you want: What are you seeking from a marriage? Your partner and you need to be on the same page here. Most marriages fail because couples want different things in life. Living in together will help you discover this. Once you figure out what each of you expects, you can either reach common grounds to be together or part ways if you requirements are poles apart. Moving out of a marriage isn t that easy. Did you know studies indicate that living in is as emotionally satisfying as marriage?

You can see the real behaviour: You can t pretend for long if you are living in together. Weekend dates, meeting outside home for coffees or chatting on the phone for hours can never completely reveal the true behaviour of your partner. I figured out how bad my partner is while handling stress after 2 months of living in together, says Kunal. I didn t know my boyfriend lost his temper over a glass kept out of place. He had an OCD and I never figured it out until I moved in with him, says Prajakta.

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It will be more than just sex: Living in together certainly gives you more time for sex but you ll also realise how the regular hectic schedules tire you out and often don t get you in the mood for sex all the time. You also realise that your partner may not always be up for it when you are. Meeting your SO once or twice a week is different. You both are looking forward to intimate time together since you don t meet regularly. It s better to realise that marriage or living in together has more to it than sex and you will need to respect your partner s preferences too instead of being upset about it. Read: Marriage versus live in relationships: which is better?

It will facilitate easy adjustments with each other s families: When you get married, you re not just dealing with each other. The Indian set-up demands you to develop a bond with the extended family too. Now if you and your partner don t understand each other well, there s a higher risk of misunderstanding each other when in-laws come in picture. Living in helps you get accustomed to each other s reactions to a situation and once you know each other perfectly, handling the other new relations in a married life becomes easy.

Taking care of finances: If you are financially well-off you might not even consider this before getting married but it is an important factor. Maintaining individual and common lifestyle is going to need a lot of thought. You need to learn how to manage finances before you tie the knot and living in together will be the best way for a hand s on experience.

Managing tolerance levels: Dating or the period between your engagement till you tie the knot is rosy. Marriage is tough if not a bed of thorns. It is a life-changing phase and can get very frustrating if you don t know your partner too well. Living in with your partner will make you more tolerant. You ll learn to handle the annoying habits of your partner or their friends.

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