Which zodiac sign are you most compatible with?

Your love compatibility with other zodiac signs predicted by GaneshaSpeaks.

Love is a complex emotion and is something that we all experience at some point or the other in our lives. But if you are looking for love or wondering why it didn t work out with someone, your zodiac sign has a few answers. We tell you which sign you are most compatible with. Read on to know more.

Aries - Leo: This is a perfect match, says Ganesha a dream relationship depicted in films and story books. Both will be understanding, giving and will stand by each other come hell or high waters.

Taurus - Cancer: An ideal couple, says Ganesha. The two of you will always be willing to make sacrifices for each other, and your deep love for each other will hold the relationship together.

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Gemini - Aquarius: Stimulating, exciting and unpredictable, this relationship is likely to be in a constant state of physical and intellectual high for the two of you. Ganesha says, just go ahead with it.

Virgo - Scorpio: Ganesha feels that the two of you will keep each other in good spirits, and the relationship promises a lot of laughter, fun, and socialising. You feel comfortable in each other's presence and appreciate your partner for all the happy times together. This match is compatible, says Ganesha. Also read - Scorpios find out your compatibility with other signs.

Libra - Sagittarius: Both of you are very active socially, and have a number of friends and a large social circle. Your life together will be an epitome of enthusiasm and understanding. You are also tolerant of each other's flaws. This is an ideal relationship.

Pisces - Virgo: This relationship is synonymous with a happy life. Ganesha notes that both of you may love working and spending time together. You are intelligent and can take good care of your partner. This match has an upbeat, positive quality to it that makes it a great duet.

Virgo - Capricorn: Both parties here will add balance to the relationship and will know how to enjoy their time together. The two of you will share a good understanding and a common goal in life to acquire material security. Ganesha finds this match to be quite nice.


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