What is the right age for a man to have a baby?

When are men most fertile? Here is what an expert has to say about men and the right age to become a father!

We often talk about the right age for a woman to get pregnant. But do you know that age is a matter of concern for men as well? According to a study published in the Fertility and Sterility Journal, women whose male partners were 40 and even older took five times longer to conceive than those whose male partners were 25 and younger. Moreover, pregnancy rates decrease between 23% to 38% in comparisons between men under 30 and men over 50. Our expert Dr Shweta Goswami, Gynecologist and IVF Specialist from Max Hospital sheds light on why age does matter for men to have a child.

After the age of 30, there is a drop in testosterone of 1% per year in the rate of fertility in men. Testosterone is the hormone that plays a key role in the production of sperms. Here are 8 tips to boost your testosterone levels. Hence, it is not just women who have to worry about their ticking reproductive clock as the quality of sperm tends to decline after the age of 35. Moreover, sperm motility (how well the sperm swim) also changes with age. It is usually the best before age 25 and lowest after age 55. In fact, when the number of 'good swimming' sperm was compared in men between the ages 30 to 35 with men over age 55, sperm motility decreased by 54 %. Also read about easy ways to boost sperm quality and count.

Fertility of men and women -- Is there a difference?

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It takes two to make a baby. As a woman ages, there is a severe decline in the production of the eggs production, which also causes a decrease in the production of the female hormone oestrogen. This not only affects fertility in women but also increases the risk of genetic problems in the child. On the other hand, if a man gets older, there is a decline in the male hormone testosterone, which affects sperm quality and motility and hence, puts him at a greater risk of fathering children with genetic problems. Also read about things that can lower your sperm count and lead to infertility.

In addition to right age, making lifestyle changes (avoid smoking, eat a healthy and balanced diet and maintaining your weight) along with having sex on fertile days can help you to increase the chances of fertility in men. Here's more on which are the most fertile days to plan a pregnancy?

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