10 ways WhatsApp is killing your relationship

WhatsApp messaging, WhatsApp calling and all the other features may be taking a toll on your relationship! Read this to find out.

Long before WhatsApp was created, lovers would stay in touch by writing long letters to each other where they would proclaim their everlasting love. If you missed your lover while he was away, you would re-read those carefully preserved letters and eagerly wait for the postman to deliver his next letter a few weeks later. However, even since WhatsApp and other social media platforms were created post the Internet era, instead of bringing us closer to our significant other, it has only created confusion, chaos and more fights. There are the nine ways WhatsApp is completely ruining your relationship. Before it gets too late, cut down on the amount of time you spend on these social media platforms and try giving your partner some space. Here's how social media is affecting your relationships and sex life.

1. The main downfall of social media platforms like Whatsapp is that it forces you to keep in constant touch with your significant other. If he s not messaging every 15 minutes or so, it starts feeling like both of you are drifting apart and not communicating enough.

2. The blue tick marks, which is one of the latest update of WhatsApp, has only resulted in more fights among couples if there wasn t an instant reply. Why isn t he messaging me back? becomes a constant thought and leads to a lot of anger and frustration. Like this man who divorced his wife for ignoring his WhatsApp messages!

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3. If he was last seen at 6:15 pm and it is now 6:16 pm and he still hasn t messaged you, it only leads to more arguments and break-ups over WhatsApp. The cycle keeps repeating over and over again with him until you can t help but wonder if it is worth staying in the relationship or not. If he hides his last seen that only leads to distrust and suspicions.

4. You end up staring at your screen repeatedly throughout the day just to check whether he is online on WhatsApp or not or even when he was last seen. This only turns you into a full-time stalker in the long run.

5. Spamming him with messages throughout the day won t help in strengthening your relationship. On the contrary, it could annoy him to a great extent especially if he s trying to concentrate on his work.

6. After a point, it will seem like WhatsApp is taking over your relationship. Most conversations will end up taking place on WhatsApp, which will only create more misunderstandings and confusion between the two of you. This is because it is very easy to misinterpret a text message since you re not talking to him face to face.

7. Instead of spending more quality time together in real life, you both end up talking and then, eventually bickering many on WhatsApp.

8. WhatsApp will end up making your passive aggressive. Instead of confronting your partner and just telling them about whatever might be bothering you in person, you avoid doing that and instead reply with a K or ignore their messages to hint that you re upset. Needless to say, such passive aggressive behaviour could end up permanently damaging your relationship in the long run.

9. Talking about being passive aggressive, many people are guilty of updating their WhatsApp statuses that is nothing but a cry for attention from their partner. Instead of effectively communicating with them and sorting out your differences, you hope that through your status they will 'get the hint' that you're upset.

10. Familiarity breeds contempt . Constantly staying in touch with your partner through WhatsApp can result in a poorer relationship. It is important to spend some time apart from your partner and have your own life so both of you get some space and the opportunity to miss each. WhatsApp only hinders that process! Instead, switch off WhatsApp for healthy sleep.

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