7 ways to titillate your partner with blindfolds

Try these tricks to enjoy wild sex tonight.

Blind folding enhances your senses to take the heat quotient up. It makes for an amazing foreplay as it titillates you in a unique way. For the shy kinds, it reduces performance pressure too so that you can try something really wild. If you have tried blindfolding during sex, the plain old way, it s time to try some new tricks.

Food tasting: Take ideas from the movies. Make the kitchen your bedroom and use food to tease your partner. Use aphrodisiacs, create mess if you both like it or use wine and cheese. The options are endless and you can get as creative as you like there.

Be dominant: Now that your partner is blindfolded, get your dominant streak out and make them do things for you. Ask them to touch you at certain spots and pleasure you just like you want.

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Stop and go: Since the eyes are blindfolded, the anticipation of what s the next move is what makes the whole blindfold sex exciting. Go super-fast with your moves and then stop all of a sudden, begin again at a different pace. Keeping it unpredictable will make it exciting.

Massage: Give your partner an erotic massage. You don t need to always aim for the shoulder or back. Begin with her hips and gradually move down. A soft massage near her V can leave her moaning for more.

Ice cube: Don t plan ahead. Just bring in an ice cube or chocolate sauce as a surprise element in the middle of the act. Since your partner is blindfolded, the sudden shiver is going to arouse them even more. Here are 6 props that can make your partner go wild during sex.

Masturbate: Most partners are shy during mutual masturbation. You can use the blindfold to shed the inhibition here. If your partner is shy, blindfold her or him so they can participate in the act of mutual masturbation and make it exciting.

Lap dance: Men like more of visual appeal so they might not be super excited during a blindfold foreplay. To keep them hooked on, try lap dancing. Even if you are shy to dance, he s blindfolded and you get to practice all those moves you ve always fantasised. Read: 5 most common sex fetishes people have.

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