13 ways to select pictures for your Tinder profile that will get you more right swipes from women

13 ways to select pictures for your Tinder profile that will get you more right swipes from women

Do you want to be popular on Tinder and get more dates? Follow this guide on how to select the right pictures for your profile.

Written by Anuradha Varanasi |Updated : November 2, 2016 12:33 PM IST

If you have downloaded the popular dating app, Tinder, it won t take long for you to realise that it s all about appearances. Once you start swiping, you will also discover that most people don t spend more than 5-10 seconds looking at a profile. So your chances of getting a right swipe from women who you find both interesting and attractive largely depend on what kind of pictures you choose to show the world. These are the types of guys you meet on Tinder in India.

I have repeatedly seen how most Indian men make the mistake of putting up pictures on Tinder that serve absolutely no purpose in increasing their chances of finding the right date. Unless you want random strangers laughing at your pictures or just being ignored, you should keep certain points in mind while setting up your Tinder profile. Far too many men complain about not getting enough matches on Tinder but that could mainly be because of your poor selection of pictures. Keep these 13 points in mind while selecting pictures for your profile.

1. Upload at least three different pictures of yourself. If you re camera shy, Tinder is just not the right dating app for you. Having only one picture will get your fewer matches and many women will wonder whether yours is a genuine profile or not. Here are ways to spot a fake profile on Tinder.

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2. Avoid selecting pictures with your friends. I have seen countless profiles where men upload group pictures or ones where they are posing with a friend. This will just leave everyone confused and there s no fun in guessing which one you are! Most importantly, don t upload a picture of yourself with an extremely good-looking friend and then get upset when women show more interest in him.

3. Go for pictures where your face is clearly visible. There s nothing wrong with putting up a picture with sunglasses but if your eyes are covered in every single picture or your face is barely visible, don t be disappointed if most users choose to swipe left. These are the types of creeps you find on Tinder in India.

4. Don t upload more than one or two selfies. There s nothing wrong with having a selfie in your Tinder profile but if all four of your pictures are selfies, you might come across as a self-obsessed person with no friends. Yes, Tinder is a judgmental dating app.

5. You do not impress any woman when you put up pictures of yourself flanked by hot women in skimpy outfits. So, you found some random women to pose with at a party or crowded club. Or maybe your female friends happen to be good looking. Whatever it is, by uploading those pictures on a dating app without their consent, you will only come across as a total jerk.

6. No one is impressed about that time you met a celebrity and got the chance to click a picture with them. Leave those selfies with a celebrity on your Facebook wall.

7. You might be proud of your flat abs after working hard for them in the gym, but flaunting them on Tinder will make you look far too vain and narcissistic. Go easy with the topless pictures, guys. These are the things people need to stop doing on dating apps.

8. For your main Tinder profile, select your best picture of yourself taken so far. Ideally, it should be not more than one or two years old and should be a head shot or from your waist up.

9. Don t make a mirror selfie your main picture. It is a better option to keep a mirror selfie as your third or fourth picture on Tinder.

10. A picture with your pet dog or cat will definitely win you more matches and super likes. Very few women can resist a cute pet!

11. Add an Instagram filter for your main Tinder picture. However, don t overdo it with the filters. Select one that enhances your features and improves the quality of the image subtly.

12. Avoid putting up pictures of yourself smoking a cigar, joint or cigarettes. Exhibiting your poor lifestyle choices on your dating profile might not win you more matches.

13. If you're balding, don't try to conceal your bald patch by wearing a hat in all your pictures. Instead, own your look and shave your head. You will be surprised to find how many women will find your confidence attractive.

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