7 ways to get a girl to like you and not come across as a creep or stalker

Winning a girl's heart is not rocket science! Just follow these easy tips to make your crush your girlfriend.

Men often complain about being friend-zoned by women they find attractive and the internet is filled with countless memes and articles about how common it is to end up in such a situation. Other than this, many men are too shy to approach their crush and they re completely clueless about how they can even initiate a conversation with her.

Online dating doesn t make it any easier as many guys complain about the skewed sex ratio on popular dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid in India. However, getting someone from the opposite sex to like you is not rocket science. Women are not as complicated or difficult to understand as popular culture has made us believe. In fact, pursuing a woman can be a lot easier than it is made to be. Here are seven easy ways to get your crush to like you and move past the awkward first date.

1. Show genuine interest in her and ask questions

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So you ve met a woman who is beautiful, funny, smart and intriguing. You want to talk to her when you get the chance but you have no idea what to say. This is a common problem Indian men face. You need not be a smooth talker to get her attention. Start by asking her questions about her parents, job and what she s passionate about.

Don t ask these questions as a mere formality and zone out while she talks. Listen to what she says and ask her more questions based on her answers. This is a great way to break the ice and eventually win her trust. Here s how to date a shy person.

2. Work on your self-confidence

You don t have to be the most good looking guy in the room to get a woman s attention. Women are far more attracted to confident men who are sure of themselves as compared to those with six pack abs. Don t make the mistake of confusing cockiness with confidence. If you come across as cocky or over-confident, she might instantly lose interest in you. If you're shy, work on yourself to build your self-confidence. Take up a sport, visualise how you want to be and get out of your comfort zone for boosting your confidence. Also, follow these grooming tips to charm your date.

3. Treat her as an equal

Don t make the mistake of assuming that women are not as ambitious as men. Her career is as important as yours, so show interest in what she does and support her in reaching her potential. Does she have a huge presentation or assignment she is nervous about? Help her with that to let her know you care. Most importantly, never try to play the role of her father by lecturing her on how unsafe it is for women to work till late in the night. She is fully capable of taking care of herself. By keeping this in mind, you will soon become her go-to person.

4. Be straightforward and honest

Being straightforward and honest about your thoughts and feelings instantly sets you apart from other men. The reason why so many men end up in the dreaded friend zone is because they fail to be straightforward about what they want. She will respect you for your honesty and you never know, she might just say yes! Here are reasons why dating scares Indian women.

5. Have a sense of humour and make fun of yourself

You need not be as talented as a stand-up comedian to make her laugh. Open up to her and show her your goofy side by sharing a funny or slightly embarrassing experience you had. It could be anything from a terrible date to your failed attempt at trying to woo your crush in school. This proves you re comfortable in your skin and not afraid of laughing at yourself.

6. Tease her

Witty banter is a great way to get her interest. Tease her and lightly poke fun at her in a good-natured way just to make her laugh. Do this through text messages and also when you meet in person.

7. Improve your text messaging game

Text her once a day and try to initiate a conversation. Don t flood her with messages or get angry if she doesn t reply immediately. You are not entitled to her undivided attention. Keep your messages light and come up with something fun and interesting to talk about. Most importantly, don t keep demanding for pictures or ask her to change her display picture for you. This is an instant turn off for most women.

Don t shy away from debating or discussing your opinions on certain issues through text messages in the initial stages of getting to know her. Women enjoy texting far more than men so don t hesitate to open up to her on WhatsApp. However, keep in mind that WhatsApp could harm your relationship if it is misused.

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