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5 ways she indicates you’re not good in bed

Men - it's time you take the hints seriously!

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : January 18, 2017 10:56 AM IST

It s not so difficult to understand women if you watch out for the signs carefully. It s perfectly normal to not observe the hints carefully especially when you are making out but if you really want to have good sex, you better be careful. Your woman doesn t want to offend you and hence will try and give you subtle hints or clues to let you know that you need to perform better in bed. Here are some signs you must watch out for:

Keeps changing positions: May be you are just not hitting the right spot. She struggles to adjust and readjust your positions to get your right there. After all, she wants an orgasm too. She ll ask you to try different positions. If her tone is simple and normal, take a hint that she s not enjoying what you are doing. If she s really having fun, her tone, eyes, body will make you feel that.

Tries to take control: You should know when she is wild and trying to rule you in bed. But then there are times when she is just so bored that you aren t getting there that she decides to take control. She tells you what to do and not while moaning or in a dirty talk tone but like she s giving you instructions. Stop, hear her and improve your skills before she loses interest completely.

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Discusses the act: She asks you why you finished so early or why the insertion wasn t perfect. She might even ask you why you were unable to give enough time for foreplay. She doesn t want to directly tell you that it was a horrible show but subtly wants you to make note of and improve. Here are 6 other signs that you are having bad sex.

Lacks energy: She s lying still or has I am bored written on her face. She s not very active in satisfying you either because she isn t aroused either. She s not moaning, or making any sounds indicating that she is reaching the O. She s usually quiet and her breathing is normal too. Her body can give you all these hints. Don t ignore them.

Stopped initiating sex: What s the point of sex if she isn t enjoying it? She doesn t initiate it anymore and in fact is OK if you haven t initiated it in the last few days. She might be happier with masturbating than getting into the act. These are the sign a man is going to be bad in bed.

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