Ways a guy can be a good rebound friend

Don't expect anything and just be there for comfort and care.

Yes. The title reads rebound friend and not the rebound guy. So remember that not every girl who becomes friendly with a guy post her breakup is looking to hook up with him immediately. All she needs is a friend who can comfort her and deviate her mind from the stress. If you have any other intentions, get rid of them or be very clear after a couple of meetings to avoid getting hurt. There are chances that your rebound friendship may turn into a relationship, but that s for later. Right now she wants a good friend and here s how you can do that:

Listen but don t suggest We have loads of baggage after the relationship and we have to unload most of it. We might complain, crib and say all sorts of things. The best thing is to just quietly listen. Like boys, we are not looking for solutions when we share our problems. We need comfort and care. Do just that. Don t start suggesting how we need to take revenge or how we need to quickly forget what has happened and move on.

Don t show emotional connect and then drift away Don t be super friendly for two days and then start drifting away. If you are her rebound friend, she relies on your for support each time she feels lonely and low. She finds strength and comfort in you. Don t snatch it away immediately. If you intend to be emotionally connected continue to do so at least for a reasonable amount of time if not a lifetime. You can also try these 6 ways to help your friend cope with the break-up.

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Hanging out Keep it as casual as possible. Don t take her out on dates. She s had enough of those. In fact, if you have common friends, hang out in a group once in a while so that she forgets her worries. Go bowling or for a fun comic movie. However, check her frame of mind before you make your plans. Don t force it upon her.

Let the secrets be with you Just because you have common friends, don t let out her story in the open. Don t even discuss she is going through a breakup until she decides to do so. Don t insult her ex or give out nasty details about him. Maintaining the trust factor is a must in rebound relationships.

Don t joke about the past Never ever discuss her ex until she brings up the topic. And even if she does, don t crack jokes to lighten the situation. We girls reserve all the rights to criticizie our ex-boyfriends. Anyone else doing it might just piss us off. Also, don t compare and bring up topics of her ex each time. You can joke about anything else but her choice of guys and the guy she just broke off with.

Don t hook her up with others She s single but has she told you she s available? If she has, go ahead and find her suitable matches but otherwise just back off. You don t need to advise her to find a nice guy and settle. She ll tell you when she is ready or for all you know might introduce you to her next boyfriend in a few days. But you don t make the mistake of hooking her up with anyone, especially without her consent. Here s how to be in a new relationship after a bad breakup.

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