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7 tips to enjoy a no strings attached relationship

Get on the roller coaster of fun and sex with NSA. Keep emotions aside.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : November 30, 2016 12:54 PM IST

Too busy to date someone and invest time on phone calls and meeting to woo them for sex? Or just emotionally drained after a few failed relationships? You may not miss the company but then there s sex and you obviously don t want to miss out on that. Well, a no strings attached relationship or NSA gives you just that. It s a convenient arrangement without getting emotionally attached or taking any responsibility. NSA is a new age dating funda. It s satisfying, fun, stress-free and not rosy or romantic. However, you ll have to be absolutely clear to keep it that way. Here are some tips:

Choose the right person You don t want to get involved with an emotional psychopath in this case. NSA is all about being comfortable with casual sex. Find someone who is sexually open-minded and this applies for both men and women. Men can also be emotionally clingy or get over possessive or insecure especially if they find monogamy to be better. So find someone like-minded and progressive. Here are signs that you are not the casual dating type.

Don t hang out together Don t go for dinners or movies together. It s a big no. The moment you start hanging out, the equation changes. You start becoming friends and then the emotional attachment creeps in. And if you start enjoying each other s company, then you ll want to be together all the time. What s the point of a no strings attached relationship then if you have to hangout like partners.

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Be clear about contraception methods Using protection is important. After all, not all test results should be positive. Be clear about what methods you want to use and please don t go for the calendar method. That s best reserved for married couples or serious relationships. If the guy forces you to pop pills and you aren t comfortable, be vocal about it.

Experiment Fulfill your fantasies, try new positions and new places. The list can be endless. Make sex fun and not just a medium to release stress. While you can t discuss your personal life a lot, you can always talk about sex and how you feel about it. Don t get romantic but you can always get kinky with your fuck buddy.

End it as soon as jealousy gets in It s all fun till you give each other space and are together only to enjoy sex. The moment you have issues with your partner seeing other people, call it quits. Going to a partner who starts cribbing about why you were with someone else last evening, when what you have in mind is hot steamy sex is a total put off. There s no fun in it.

Never give hints for anything else Cuddling is for couples. NSA is purely physical and means just sex and nothing more. So don t hold hands, kiss the forehead or ever say love you while in the act or after it. You might not have any intentions of moving to a relationship but if your partner takes any hints, you re in trouble mate. Be clear amazing sex and back to your independent lives. That s how you both will enjoy it the most. Find out if casual sex makes people happier.

Don t include them in your future plans Don t start planning your life around them. Just because they are moving to a new city, don t plan your move with them. Or don t take up a new job because there is a vacancy in their office and you can t wait to use the secret corridors to have sex with each other. Even couples don t do that. You ll find someone else for NSA relationship. So keep them out.

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