Tips for approaching a girl at the bar

Ace the game of wooing that hot girl with these tips.

Whether it is in cafes, pubs or lounges, when it comes to approaching a girl, make sure you do it right. You obviously don t want to be turned down. Here are some tips for approaching a girl at the bar:

Calm those nerves Sweaty hands or forehead are a surefire recipe for getting turned down. So no matter how hot she is and you re excited about getting lucky tonight if she says yes, calm down. Prepare yourself before you approach her, to feel a bit more confident. Read: Tips to tackle the tricky first date.

Be confident We love confident men. What you say or what lines you use doesn t matter as long as you do it with confidence. Think about what you are going to say to her to avoid the last minute stuttering or stammering. Read: 6 ways to be less awkward and more confident on dates.

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Don t use clich s Can I buy you a drink? is one of the stupidest lines you can use. It s old and you probably can try convincing a lady your granny s age with it. Chances are, she might refuse. Come up with better stuff. Don t use pick-up lines. You may say something like You look pretty tonight . That might bring a smile to her face if said genuinely.

Establish eye contact Don t scan her like an ultrasound. Keep it simple and look in her eyes when you talk. It also shows that you are confident and are seriously interested in making the conversation. Read: 7 grooming tips to charm your date.

Don t be a pile on A no means a no. Enough said. If she doesn t smile back or asks you to leave, leave right now. Don t even cross check if she s seeing someone or with someone. If she s interested, you ll get a hint and then you may pursue. But if she indicates her disinterest, do not pile on and don t use I was too drunk as your cover for the misbehaviour.

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