4 things you need to keep in mind while asking a girl out for a date

Keep these tips in mind while asking a woman out if you want her to say yes!

Now that dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid have made it far more easy to ask an attractive woman out for a date, it is important to follow certain dating etiquettes if you want to take things offline. By following these four tips, you will have far better chances of meeting your online crush in real life.

1. Don t come across as cocky

Many men make the mistake of being over-confident or cocky when they are trying to ask a woman out. Instead, be polite and let her know that you would love to buy her dinner when she s free or just meet for coffee. Start by asking her if she would be interested in going on a date and if you re doing it in person, make eye contact. If you prefer doing it through text messages, don t beat around the bush and get to the point instead of vaguely hinting towards a date. These are the things a guy should never do on a first date.

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2. Come up with a plan

I have repeatedly noticed how many guys don t mind making the first move and asking me out for a date but they have no idea how to take it forward from there. Instead of making vague plans and making her wonder whether the date is actually going to happen or not, set a definite time and date to meet. Keep her schedule in mind along with what she likes. For example, did she mention she loves Mexican food? Then suggest a good Mexican restaurant or pick a place with a good ambience to make her feel comfortable. Here are reasons why you should go on a date on Wednesday.

3. Don t get your friends involved

During a date, don t surprise your date in the wrong way by suddenly inviting your friends over. When you ask someone out for a date, they assume it s only going to be the two of you. So unless it is a double date or you inform her beforehand that you might run into some friends along the way, don t put her in an awkward situation and make her wonder if it was a date or not. These are the signs that indicate you won t get a second date.

4. If you have to cancel, do it at least two hours before the date

There s nothing worse than being stood up or being informed that the date has been cancelled when you re on the way to the venue. Everyone understands and accepts the fact that cancelled dates are an inevitable part of trying to meet someone new. However, if you re going to cancel the date because something came up at work, immediately inform your date. Don t wait till the very last minute to let her know you won t be able to make it. Women go through a lot of pain and effort to make themselves look good for their date, so respect her time and schedule if you want to see her again!

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