5 things you can relate to if your partner wears glasses

If you thought kissing with glasses on was the only issue, read this.

Glasses are a style statement these days. But wearing zero power glasses for role play or to look nerdy is different from using them as a necessity because of poor vision. Now if you have a partner who wears glasses all day, you know the challenges. It often begins with searching them early morning. Hell breaks lose if they break the glasses! Here are some more things you can relate to if you are dating someone who has spectacles:

3D Movies You often have to give them a miss especially if he or she doesn t use contact lenses. Or have you had the situation where they are wearing two glasses and you try hard to control your laughter? Well, it s something you have to live with, isn t it?

Kissing First, it was the nose that created an obstacle when you begin smooching and now you have a partner with glasses. If you ve been dating for quite some time, you ve got used to removing their glasses seductively before you kiss. But for those small little kisses, spectacles are always a hindrance. Have you tried these different styles of kisses?

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No random night-outs or sleepovers Well, if your bae uses contact lenses, you can t make random plans to stay the night over somewhere unless they carry their lens kit and spectacles along everywhere. I have faced this several times. And no, you can t store your contact lenses in bowls filled with water (I am guilty of that), it s dangerous. So no matter what, you ll have to drop them back home. Here are 10 do s and don ts of contact lenses care.

Water games or sports Let s accept it, swimming, skinny dipping in a lake or battling the waves at the beach isn t easy when your partner has high power glasses. They practically can t see anything and won t enjoy the view or experience as much as you do. In a water park, they might mistake someone else for you and hold hands with them!

Foggy glasses You may need to keep handkerchiefs handy for foggy glasses. Whenever you step out of an air-conditioned room, you ll suddenly see your partner s transparent glasses turn opaque. So before they bump into someone or something, you obviously know what to do by now. Here are 7 problems only those who wear spectacles can understand.

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