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5 things people who overthink can relate to

If you have a brain that overthinks the smallest of things, read this.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : July 4, 2017 3:10 PM IST

Do you love blowing up things into monumental proportions with just your thoughts? Firstly, thank the people around you for bearing with you. Worrying about everything and spending hours just assuming, presuming and drawing conclusions is a special talent over thinkers possess. If you think you are one of them, you ll surely relate to these things:

Remember just about everything: We remember anything and everything. Even things that happened 5 years ago a sunny afternoon with one of our neighbours who hated us. This is because we must have thought about this incident so many times and analysed it in every possible way.

Make simple things complicated: It could have been just a simple I m busy from a best friend or SO when you called. But we don t like life to be easy. Our brain is notorious and wants to know exactly what the reason behind it was. We even make up reasons in our mind and start believing that they are true. The poor partner doesn t even know how your mind is going to screw up your next meeting with them.

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We ruin our happiness: Just because we love complicating things, we assume and most often get into the self-blame game. Or even if we don t, the self-pity modes is turned on automatically. Add to it a few quotes you read about love and betrayal on social media and the over thinker has enough content to ponder over for weeks. Read: 6 things every woman should stop worrying about.

Weird conclusions: We jump to the weirdest of conclusions in no time. So if your partner calls your friend talented, you already think that he means you are a dud and not worthy of being with him. If you have thought a little too much that day than your usual overthinking, you might even end up texting him good wishes for his future with that friend.

You rehearse conversations: This is so relatable. We all run the conversations we are going to have with people in our mind. Whether it is talking to our crush, or clarifying a few things with our partner. We have a question and answer for every situation and stage up all kinds of probabilities that could arise during the conversation.

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