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Things married 'happily in love' couples do

Happily taken and very much in love.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : January 29, 2016 5:12 PM IST

A happily in love married couple is not a myth. You may keep arguing that living with the opposite gender is tough and he doesn t listen and she can t read maps, but happily married couples are beyond these arguments. They have come to realise that men and women possess different set of qualities which when brought together can make life so much easy. Here are some things these couples do differently according to me:

They don t pretend to be happy, they actually are: Hugging in public and walking in the party holding hands but walking poles apart when alone is pretending. Happily in love couples always feel each other wherever they go. They might be in different groups at a party but they have their eye and heart with their partner.

You may win an argument, but you may lose the person: These couples know the truth behind this line and hence know where to draw the line during a tiff or heated argument. One of them just pauses and lets the other one take it. Both partners know when they need to call it quits to avoid any complications in their relationship. Did you know a happy marriage leads to a healthy heart too?

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The money matters are clear: If both the partners are earning, they discuss and plan their finances and decide how much freedom each has over their earnings and savings. Most marriages or relationships fall apart because of money matters and they ensure finances never cause even a slight dent in their relationship. Sharing workload is also one of the keys to a happy marriage.

Proximity breeds contempt: While the sign of a happily married couple is always being together, too much closeness can be suffocating. So the couple respects each other s privacy and life. They hang out solo with their buddies once in a while and spend quality time with each other too. This keeps things balanced.

Just a temporary phase: No marriage is perfect and even the strongest of couples face turbulence. But a happily in love couple will find their way through or just wait patiently for the storm to settle down. It is important to understand that it s just a temporary phase and a few months after it s gone, it won t even matter.

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