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Sperm count - all your questions answered

Considering that sex is still a taboo subject in India, a lot of men have many myths regarding their sperm count.

Written by Sameer Jha |Published : April 22, 2014 4:02 PM IST

Sperm qualityEvery man knows that it his sperm that will ultimately give him an offspring. However, considering that sex is still a taboo subject in India, a lot of men have many myths regarding their sperm count. According to Dr Mahinder Watsa, a renowned sexual medicine practitioner, 'Some of the common myths associated with sperm count are about its quantity and viscosity. People think that just because their sperm quantity is low, their sperm count is also low.'

What people don't realise that your sperm count is measured in a lab, and an analysis of just 1 ml is made. You cannot measure your sperm count using your naked eye.

How will a low sperm count affect you?

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A low sperm count will affect your fertility, and you might require treatment in order to be able to successfully father a child. Dr Mahinder Watsa adds, 'If the sperm count is less than 20 million per mL, then a man might face difficulty in fathering a child. Above that there is no problem. In case it is less than 20 million then you should see a urologist or an andrologist who will be able to suggest the right treatment depending on various factors.'

How can you increase your sperm count?

The right diet, consisting of foods rich in nutrients like zinc and Vitamin B6 can help increase sperm count in men. Some of the foods that have this are eggs, fish and strawberries are some foods rich in zinc. Also, avoiding negative things like smoking, alcohol and stress can aid in the production of sperm. Additionally, obese people might want to start exercising as obesity has been proven reduce both sperm quality and sperm count.

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