8 signs you’re better off taking a break from dating for a while

Should you continue swiping on Tinder and looking for potential dates? These are signs that you're better off being single for now.

You often hear and read about how difficult and tiring it can get to be an active part of the dating world. Being the only single person in your friends group only adds more pressure on you to find your plus one. By now, you re probably fed up of your friends advising you on how to find Mr. Right and you can t help but spend all your free time on dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid to find a date. These are the things to keep in mind before sharing your number on Tinder.

If dating apps aren t your scene, your friends end up playing the role of the matchmaker. We live in a society where being single is still looked at as being sad and lonely. However, there are certain phases in your life where being single is good for your mental and emotional well-being. These are the eight signs that you desperately need to take a few months off from dating.

1. You have been neglecting your personal life

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You might have an active Netflix subscription but somehow you rarely have the time or the energy to binge watch your favourite TV shows. Your pile of books to read keeps getting bigger and your loved ones complain that you don t spend enough time with them. Other than this, you have also become a serial procrastinator when it comes to completing all your chores. If you can relate to these points, it is time to hit the pause button and invest more time in yourself instead of trying to find your future boyfriend.

2. You don t remember the last time you went on a second date

If you look back to the last few months, you went on at least five to six dates but you always ended up rejecting your dates based on petty reasons. While there s nothing wrong in having high standards or being picky, being overly judgmental and nitpicking won t help in finding the right person. If you can t remember the last time you went on a second date with anyone, taking a break from meeting new people will be good for your fatigue.

3. Your ex is still a major part of your life

Even if you parted with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend on amicable terms, if they are still a huge part of your life, it might not be productive for you in terms of moving on from the past. There s nothing wrong with wishing each other happy birthday or occasionally staying in touch via social media. However, if your ex knows all about your dating life and what you do every weekend, sorry to break it to you but chances are you might not be over them. Do yourself and others a favour and stay away from dating unless you ve sorted out your feelings. Here are things to keep in mind while using social media after a break-up.

4. You end up cancelling most of your dates

After endless swiping on Tinder, you finally meet someone interesting. You re initially excited and plan a date with him but when the day arrives, you re desperately looking for excuses to cancel the date. If you have noticed this pattern over the last few weeks, it means you just need some alone time before diving back into the dating world. These are the things to keep in mind while asking someone out for a date.

5. You have serious body image issues

Almost everyone has some insecurity or the other when it comes to their appearance. However, if you are terribly self-conscious about your body and how you look in most outfits, dating and meeting new people can be a nerve wracking experience. Instead of trying to look for validation in all the wrong places, work on fixing your body image issues to feel confident. You could try taking up a fun form of exercising, yoga or even talk to someone you can trust.

6. You re not sure what you re looking for

One of the first questions you re asked on dating apps is what you re looking for. So if you re looking for a serious relationship or just a hook-up, you re better off being upfront. If you re still wondering why you re heading out for a date, it is best to take a break and figure out what your intentions are.

7. When it comes to dating, you are jaded

Earlier, when you would meet someone interesting you would get butterflies in your tummy and look forward to getting to know him or her. You would also tell your friends all about your date and put in the extra effort to woo him. However, off late you are no longer excited to meet someone new and interesting. You don t find dating fun anymore. If you re feeling jaded and experiencing burnout, you definitely need some me-time before trying to date someone else.

8. You recently got out of a relationship

Being on the rebound or looking for revenge sex right after your break-up is rarely a good idea. If you re grieving over your failed relationship and still have strong feelings for your ex, be a decent person and don t drag someone else into all that drama. Make sure your grieving period has ended and you ve stopped stalking your ex on Facebook before you start dating again. Here are tips to get over your ex.

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