10 signs you’re being irrationally picky in your dating life

These are the signs you're being far too judgmental and setting the bar way too high while looking for a boyfriend.

There s nothing wrong with having high standards and having a certain type when it comes to dating. After all, your boyfriend is someone who will play a significant role in your life and the last thing you want is to end up in a mediocre or abusive relationship. As women, we re constantly told not to settle for someone who doesn t treat you well and make you feel special and that s great advice while you re dating. These are the confessions of a single girl.

However, the other extreme is when every minute flaw or shortcoming in your date becomes a deal breaker for you. By being irrationally picky, you are only missing out on the opportunity to get to know someone who could make a great boyfriend and add value to your life. These are the 10 signs that you re sabotaging your dating life by being too picky:

1. You have an entire list of qualities your boyfriend should have which includes tall, dark and handsome along with a great job and an amazing car. If someone who is interested in you falls short on any one of these requirements, you immediately write them off. These are the 10 qualities every woman wants in an ideal relationship.

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2. You refuse to go on a second date with him because he likes a certain genre of music that you don t or because he doesn t watch Game of Thrones.

3. You have turned down more guys than the ones you have taken the time to actually get to know.

4. You judge a book by its cover on several occasions. If he doesn t wear branded clothes, it counts as a deal breaker for you.

5. You are constantly nit-picking and looking for flaws in your date s appearance or personality.

6. You brag about the fact that you have rejected several potential boyfriends but have never been rejected by anyone.

7. You constantly find yourself saying, He s just not my type. However, you have no idea what your type exactly is.

8. Your friends have repeatedly told you to stop being so picky and judgmental.

9. You keep waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet and feel butterflies in your tummy constantly instead of making the effort to genuinely get to know someone first.

10. You can t remember the last time you were in a relationship despite having an active social life and going on several dates. These are the dating tips women should never follow.

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