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7 signs your colleague has a crush on you

Do you think your co-worker has a crush on you? These signs will tell.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : February 6, 2017 10:59 AM IST

Workplace romance is common. If you have an office full of young people, you re likely to have a crush or a new colleague might suddenly start liking you. If you have observed a certain colleague getting friendly or being too nice, watch out for these signs. There are chances he likes you or has a crush on you.

Finds a chance to talk to you: He wishes you good morning and says goodbye without fail. He stops by your desk to chat with you whenever he can. You won t see him doing that to others or talking to others as much as he does with you. Here are some grooming secrets of the best looking men.

Gets you coffee: He gets you a cup of coffee or something that you are fond of. It could even be chocolates. He also tries to take lunch breaks at the same time as you do or asks if he can get you something to eat if you are too busy with work. No one does that out of the blue.

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Tries to get a seat next to you in a meeting: He sits next to you so he can whisper stupid jokes or comments to make you laugh during a meeting or finds a seat opposite you so he can make eye contact and keep looking at you. If you ve seen this, he sure has a crush on you.

Keeps staring at you: If he sits somewhere near you or in the same bay, you ll see him secretly staring at you. It is a definite sign. Read: What guys think of when flirting with you?

Talk about other things: It starts with some official conversation or discussion and then suddenly he moves on to other topics to keep the conversation going. He wants to know you more. He might even sneak in a question asking you out for coffee or drinks or a movie.

Call you names: If he has given you a nickname without any specific reason, then he certainly feels something special for you. He ll give you compliments to get friendly and close. Observe how he blushes every time he calls your nickname and you ll know.

Try to impress you: He ll defend you when others are teasing you or he ll help you with something you are stuck with. Suddenly, you ll see his dressing has improved and he doesn t miss a single chance to show you how good he is. He s out there to impress you completely. Here are makeup tips for office how to make the perfect first impression.

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