6 signs you are with a fake person

6 signs you are with a fake person

Watch out for these red flags before they betray you.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : July 4, 2017 3:08 PM IST

You meet this super cool guy or girl who seems so perfect the ideal type. You might even consider yourself to be lucky to have found them or so they make you believe. What are the chances that the person is actually genuine? People are great at masking their flaws, are masters of manipulation and can prove to be toxic if you continue with them for the long term. Don t regret when they take advantage and disappear when they are done. Watch out for these signs before it is too late:

  • They are good only when it is convenient for them. They sweep you off your floor and work their charm to get things done from you whenever they want. They pan things for themselves and don t really care about others even though they portray it otherwise.
  • They might be really kind and caring at first. Once they ve impressed you and won your confidence, they ll manipulate and extract as much benefit from you as they can. Also, they ll not maintain constant contact with you. Read: 6 signs you need to break up with your friend.
  • You are not important. Their priorities change every day. The moment they find someone better or some opportunity they ll just peel off. They might even use you as a ladder to meet new people and bag better opportunities.
  • Fake people are self-obsessed. They brag, they will always weigh their words before speaking, are always diplomatic and will never take your side in public. They want to be in everyone s good books and will do everything to impress everyone. After all, they are looking for an opportunity to use everyone they meet.
  • You have felt it several times that you re being taken for a ride by this person but you don t want to believe that. This person has made such an impression on you that you try to see him/her in good light at all times. You want to give them the benefit of doubt each time. Read: 5 signs you re being taken for granted in a relationship.
  • They are all about big talks and fake promises. They ll impress you with dream dates or amazing vacation ideas. However, that never happens. Chances are they won t even go to a movie or shopping with you. Basically, they are never going to be available for you.

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