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10 signs that your boyfriend doesn’t really love you

Are you wondering whether your boyfriend genuinely loves and cares about you? If he exhibits these 10 signs, it is time for you to move on.

Written by Anuradha Varanasi |Updated : April 14, 2016 1:55 PM IST

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Every relationship starts off with the honeymoon phase where both of you can t get enough of each other. You re constantly texting each other and everything they say or do brings a smile to your face. Once that phase starts fading away after a few weeks or months and your relationship starts to bring more stress instead of happiness to your life, you can t help but wonder if your boyfriend means what he says. When you feel like the two of you might be drifting apart, he repeatedly assures you that he loves and cares about you but his actions speak otherwise. These are the 6 signs your relationship won't last.

The sad truth is that actions speak louder than words. He just wants to continue staying connected with minimal effort because of the benefits of being your boyfriend. If you can relate to most of these 10 signs, your boyfriend doesn t genuinely love you or even care about you.

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1. You are always the one to initiate communication

Do you feel like if you stopped texting your boyfriend constantly and making plans to meet regularly, he wouldn t even bother messaging you? There s nothing wrong in being the first one to call or text but if you re the only one making all the effort to stay in touch, it is time to take a step back and completely stop putting in any more effort into the relationship.

2. He s always busy

Every time you ve confronted him about how he barely replies back to your messages, if at all, does your boyfriend stonewall you by saying that he s too busy with work or other personal commitments? You constantly need to remind yourself that no matter how busy someone is, if they want to actively be a part of your life, they will make the effort.

3. He has become vague and secretive

If your boyfriend has stopped talking to you about his work life, co-workers and whatever has been going on even in his family life, it is a huge red flag to look out for. It means he is not willing to share his life with you any longer and is slowly stonewalling you because he thinks you re not important enough any longer. One word answers and vague responses to your questions on a regular basis is not something you should put up with.

4. He insists on going dutch

While there s nothing wrong in going dutch every now and then during dates and even footing the bill for your boyfriend, be alert. If he has completely stopped paying for dates and is always hesitant about spending any money on you, it means he doesn t want to impress you or treat you anymore. Basically, he doesn t want to invest in the relationship and that in itself says a lot.

5. He is interested in meeting only if it will lead to sex

When he finally stops being so busy and actually replies to your messages, it is only because he wants sex. If he is meeting you, the first thing he thinks about is going to a place where both of you will get the chance to have sex. He s not very interested in going on dates or trying out that new restaurant you ve always wanted to go to.

6. He is indifferent about your daily life

Every time you tell your boyfriend about something exciting that happened during the day or how you re having a tough time at work because of a difficult co-worker, do you feel like he s completely disinterested? This is another major red flag to look out for. If he constantly has a distant look on his face and clearly isn t listening to what you re saying and doesn t ask any questions about your life, it might be time to break-up with your boyfriend.

7. He doesn t make any effort in bed

When it comes to sex, he is only concerned about his own orgasm. He doesn t care about whether you orgasm or not and doesn t perform oral sex on you either. He rarely asks you what you want him to do in bed because he doesn t really care about your pleasure. These are the 5 signs you're being taken for granted in a relationship.

8. He gets annoyed easily

If you try to bring up something in the relationship that is bothering you, your boyfriend gets extremely defensive and will pick up fights with you instead of having a mature conversation. He constantly seems annoyed around you and gets offended very easily. These are the 11 signs you're in an emotionally absuive relationship.

9. His parents don t know about you

Even though you and your boyfriend have been together for months on end, he still hasn t told his parents about you and claims he isn t ready to make you meet them either.

10. He finds faults with your looks

Your boyfriend subtly drops hints about how you would look so much better if you lost weight, put on more make-up or dressed in a certain style. It s just a sign that he doesn t accept you for what you are. Remember that you deserve to be loved and respected. Don t hesitate to dump him without looking back again for your own well being if you can relate to these signs!

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