9 signs that you are dating a married guy

Are you wondering whether the guy you're dating is married or not? If that's the case, then these are the nine red flags you shouldn't ignore at all costs.

One of the worst dating nightmares is when you find out that the person you are dating turns out to be married. Such an experience can be extremely heartbreaking and discouraging. However, if you re alert and look out for these nine red flags, you can walk out of such a relationship before it s too late. (Read: This is why men tend to fall for sexual temptations post marriage)

1. He always pays by cash

If you have noticed that he prefers paying by cash for all the meals you have together or even while checking into a hotel, there is a very high chance that he is married. If he pays by his credit or debit card, it will only leave behind a trail of evidence for his wife to pick up on and even keep tab on his whereabouts through his transactions.

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2. He s always in a hurry to get home at night

Does he always claim he has to be home by 10 pm because of an important meeting or appointment the next morning? If he always has an excuse for not being able to spend the night with you or even staying out late, it only means it is because he needs to rush back home to his wife or kids. These are the 5 signs to know if your partner is cheating on you.

3. He doesn t answer your phone calls when he s at home

If most of your phone calls go unanswered during his non-working hours, it could be because he s spending that time with his wife. Also, if he does answer your calls while he isn t working, if he is very abrupt or curt with you before hanging up, that is another major red flag to watch out for. Did you know that half of cheaters use social media platforms to contact their lovers?

4. He has never called you home

While the person you have just started dating might not immediately invite you to his place, if you still don t know where he lives even after being in a relationship for a few months on end, it could only mean he s hiding a wife somewhere.

5. You have a gut feeling

Despite his repeated assurances that he is divorced or separated from his ex-wife , if you still feel like there s something fishy going on, it usually means there is. Trust your instincts and the warning signals and walk out of such a relationship before it gets too messy. These are the 10 signs of emotional cheating to be aware of.

6. He hasn t introduced you to his friends or family

Couples who are in a healthy relationship sooner or later end up meeting their partner s group of closest friends and even immediate family members. Again, if it has been a few months since you ve been in a relationship and you still have no idea who his friends are, it could mean he s married.

7. He tends to disappear every now and then

Does he always have an excuse ready as to why he hasn t been answering your calls or messages for several days on end? This point should be obvious, if he tends to conveniently disappear from your life suddenly and later re-appears, claiming that he was busy , it is usually because he was with his significant other.

8. He doesn t spend the holidays with you

If you find yourself spending Diwali, Christmas, New Years and other major festivals or holidays alone, no matter how good his excuses might be, it is only because he has prior commitments with his wife which can't be avoided.

9. He prefers taking you for frequent short trips

Married men usually can t spend a lot of time on their extra-marital affairs with their wives constantly around them. If he prefers splurging on weekend getaways very often, it is mostly because he is trying to be discrete about his escapades and avoid any chances of getting caught.

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