7 signs that indicate it is lust, not love

Don't mistake lust for love. Watch out for these signs.

In the early stages of relationship, it s difficult to differentiate between love and lust. There is a lot of physical attraction between the both of you but there could be an emotional connect too. So what is it? Infatuation or love or then it could just be pure lust that you have mistaken for love. Here are some signs that tell you, it is lust and not love:

You dress well all the time: Meeting your partner means dressing to the nines. If he invites you for Facetime or video chat, the first thing you are concerned about is how you look. You even try to dress a little sexy and show some skin to woo him. Love doesn t require all this. When in love, you are happy to see the person even when they are having a bad hair day.

It s all about sex: There hasn t been a single time that you ve met and not made out. You can t keep your hands off each other even when in the elevator. It s all about teasing and titillating each other and you look for tricks to do that and bring novelty to it.

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You try to please them all the time: You don t argue, you don t tell them what you feel. When you are in love, it s a little more real. You express your desires, your interests. When you lust, all you care about is acceptance because you know if your partner is upset, you might not see any action further. Read: 10 ways to know someone has a major crush on you.

You know nothing about them: You know nothing except that they are great in bed and they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. You might know a few other habits or likes and dislikes but that s surface knowledge. You don t have any idea of what they do when they need quiet time or feel lonely and dejected or what is their best childhood memory. When you lust, you never make time to know all this. Read: 10 signs that your boyfriend doesn t really love you.

Everything is conditional: Tell them that it s that time of the month and you ll receive an I have some work to do tonight. Let s meet some other time message. They won t come with you for a movie outdoors and suggest you stay home and Netflix. Everything revolves around how much sex you both have. Casual coffee dates don t interest you. Love involves intimacy but there are times when you just want to enjoy each other s company and not get involved in sex. Read: Signs and symptoms that you are a sex addict.

No meaningful conversations: You ve never discussed your dreams, problems or thoughts with this person. You are worried you ll be judged and the person might lose interest. But you ve discussed your first kiss, first make-out, wild make-out sessions and your fantasies with them. If there is no emotional connect with each other, maybe it isn t love or even infatuation.

You ve never enjoyed silence: The only time you are silent is when you are done making out. Being quiet or silent on other occasions feel awkward. Your fingers start doing the talking if at all you tend to be quiet.

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