Sexting: What you should and should not do

Here's all about what you should do and what not while sexting. Follow them for a healthy and fun filled relationship.

Sexting has become so common these days, although our previous generation often go in a state of shock on hearing about it. While we generally consider sexting as sending sexual pictures, it can also be messaging someone in a sexy manner. However, in order to use sexting as an arm to make your relationship run healthy, you must know what you should do and what you should not while sexting. Here are some great tips for you.

Do send it to the right person: You got to be really really careful because you may end up in a huge soup if you send a sexual message to the wrong recipient. Imagine your mom receiving it instead of your partner. Nothing worst could happen to you.

Don't show it all: It is always wise to keep few things mysterious and secret while you are sexting. It just adds a lot of fun and thrill to it. So, do not show everything and leave something for the person on the other end to imagine and build up the fun mood.

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Do show your body but not your face: You should never reveal your face while sexting as you never know what the consequence and, if something goes wrong, it could be some dangerous blackmail and that is definitely not fun.

Don't keep the person on wait for long: Keeping a person waiting for too long can be a major turn off while sexting. Try and reply instant and in case you are in a public place, just send a sexy message or use a back-up photo.

Do avoid emojis: Well, emojis may be cute when you are flirting or talking casually with your partner. But an emoji during sexting can be just hilarious and is an all-time no-no.

Do delete as you go: Be smart enough and do not save up your sext. It is always wise to delete them on a regular basis. What if your family member goes through your phone and finds them? It will be rather awkward and embarrassing.

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