4 relationship tips for couples who constantly break-up and patch-up

Watch out for these warning signs.

Many couples go through this cycle they travel together, fight, break up, bitch to their respective friends, and then declare themselves soulmates after two weeks. If you too are in a merry-go-round relationship and have the addictive quality to constantly text your partner even after breaking up then consider following this advice from Delhi-based relationship counsellor Dr Sanjay Chatterjee.

1, Don t poison your friends: It is natural to lean on friends and family after a breakup. In fact, all of us do this. It is okay to take trash if you do not go back to your ex but changing your mind about the relationship can put your friends in the same confusion as you. If things do not go too bad, and you know deep in your heart that you are going to get back to the person, it is best that you do not discuss your relationship woes with your family and friends.

2. Know when to call it off: Doing too much of back and forth can risk your relationship. It is subjective but the longer you repeat the cycle, the longer you go on hurting each other. Many couples keep trying to make things work and in the process keep hurting each other instead of just separating. If your relationship does not have the foundation of kindness and respect, it is best that you call it off. Keep in mind these 5 tips while using Facebook or Whatsapp after a breakup.

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3. Take responsibility: You will never be able to be aware of your own faults if you continue to blame your partner for the issues. If you really want to improve your relationship and want things to work it is high time that you take the responsibility. Don t always blame your partner. Figure out what is that thing that is causing things to fall out. But if you cannot discuss your relationship without tearing each other apart, it is the time that you take the drastic call.

4. Be wary of the warning signs: You may break up with your partner when you feel that you cannot handle things further but the cycle of frustration continues once you get back. 1f you have trouble dealing with the differences, just move on with life. These 7 books will help you get over a break-up.

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