Relationship tips: 5 things you must NEVER do to your partner!

Avert the break-up catastrophe! Watch out for these signs to know which of your actions are really bothering your partner.

Each relationship is unique in its own special way. There are a lot of factors responsible for a successful association and it requires effort from both sides to make it work. There are quite a number of things that are can turn off your partner and ruin the love between the two of you. Often people keep silent about these things due to the fear of losing their loved one. Here is a list of the things that you should never do to your partner. This is how you can find out if your relationship is long lasting.

1. Comparison: This is one of the worst things that you can subject your partner to. Comparing him/her with a friend, colleague, acquaintance or even a family member not only demeans his/her efforts towards your relationship, but also gives them the feeling that they are unable to keep you happy. It might also arouse suspicion in the sense that you are attracted to someone else. If you want to save your relationship, this is a golden rule you must follow! Here is what you can do to boost up the romance in your relationship- kiss more often!

2. Keeping busy with your phone: This can be a major turn off for your partner, especially if you are in the middle of a conversation. Fidgeting with your phone when your partner is around not only makes him/her feel irritated, but also unimportant. Unless extremely urgent, keep away those unnecessary texts and calls, you can attend to those later. Cherish each other s company instead. Stalking your crush can also ruin your relationship.

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3. Reading but not responding to messages: In this age of WhatsApp and Facebook, we not only have access to the information of whether the person on the other end has received our text, but also whether they have read it or not. So, please reply to your partner s messages as soon as you receive them. If you are busy at that moment, do inform the so that they do not keep boiling with rage till they get a reply from your end, thinking that they don t occupy a place in your priority list. Also, never ever hide your Last seen and Read receipts !

4. Checking out other people: If you do this, then you better get a hold on yourself before things get worse between the two of you. I admit we all shed a glance or two at other attractive people, no matter how happy we might be in our relationship. However, the worst thing that can be is your partner catching you ogling at another girl/boy in public, when he/she is out with you. It not only makes your partner insecure, but also kindles a sense of mistrust in them. They are bound to think, If he/she does this when I am right by his/her side, then God knows what he/she will do when I am not around! Wondering if you are in the wrong relationship? Look out for these signs!

5. Browsing their phone without permission: Please DO NOT do this if you want your relationship to work out. This is one of the main causes of present day break ups. You might be in a relationship, but that does not entitle you to take his/her individuality away. Learn to respect their privacy. If you have trust issues with your partner, confront them directly and have a talk. It is far better than looking up their phone without their knowledge and permission to find out what they have been up to. You lose either way; if they are loyal, you lose their trust, and if they are cheating on you, you lose your faith. Here are signs that your boyfriend doesn't really love you.

Hope you will keep these points in mind and strive towards understanding your partner better. Always remember to treat them with the due respect because loving and getting loved back in return is the best gift in the world.

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