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8 reasons why you should NOT start dating your ex-boyfriend

Are you thinking of picking up your phone and calling or messaging your ex-boyfriend? Here's why it's a better idea to put your phone down!

Written by Anuradha Varanasi |Updated : July 18, 2016 9:42 AM IST

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Break-ups are nerve-racking and not to mention, heart wrenching. They can make you depressed, irrational and also extremely needy. Going through these turmoil of emotions can result in several bad decisions. One of them is trying to get back with your ex-boyfriend. If you can relate to any one of these eight reasons, you should completely reconsider your idea of reaching out to your ex-boyfriend again:

1. You don t want to put in the time and effort to start dating again

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One of the worse reasons to try and get back with your ex-boyfriend is just because you re feeling lonely (or horny). Yes, dating is tough and at times even tedious but reaching out to your ex-boyfriend out of sheer desperation never ends well. If you re tired of swiping on tinder and spending hours trying to fill out your profile on OkCupid, turn off your phone and instead spend some quality time with yourself or your friends. Being single is not as bad as you think it is. Here are reasons why you're still single despite using dating apps.

2. He obviously doesn t trust you or vice versa

If you broke up with him because he cheated on you or the other way around, it is tricky and challenging to try and make the relationship work again. If he insists that he needs to check your phone and social media accounts on a regular basis and isn t comfortable with you having male friends, run! You re better off without him.

3. Both of you have been in an on again, off again relationship

If you broke up with your ex-boyfriend a few days or even a few hours ago only to patch up again, it is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Break the pattern and stick to your guns for a change. Here are tips to keep in mind while using WhatsApp or Facebook after a break-up.

4. You have far too many unresolved issues with him

Communication is vital for any relationship to survive. If you broke up with him because he is flaky, disrespectful or has a temper problem and both of you didn t work through any of these issues, getting back with him again won t make any of them disappear suddenly. If you noticed any such deal breakers in him, let him go.

5. He refuses to apologise or own up to his mistakes

In every relationship there will be fights and disagreements. However, if he doesn t acknowledge the fact that he hurt you and take responsibility for his mistakes, you re better off without him.

6. You are seeing the relationship through rose tinted glasses

After a break-up, your mind tends to play games and you will only remember the good times both of you had together. You might conveniently forget all the nasty fights and arguments and be tempted to give the failed relationship another try. Instead, sit back and think of all those times when things were not smooth sailing. If you think things are not going to change, why bother going through the same ordeal over and over again?

7. Your friends are completely against it

When you announced to your friends that you re thinking of getting back with your ex-boyfriend, did they immediately warn you against it? Listen to them. They have seen how depressed, angry and stressed out the relationship made you and know that you two aren t good together. Here are ways to help your friend cope with a break-up.

8. Spending time with him makes you feel miserable

This point should be obvious but still, many women tend to ignore it. You are clinging on to all the good times you had with your ex-boyfriend and you re hoping things go back to how they were. However, relationships are supposed to make you happy. If you feel emotionally drained after spending time with him, you re better off alone.Here are reasons why it's a bad idea to be friends with your ex.

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