6 reasons why dating scares me (and other Indian women)

Dating is scary. Period. Don't agree? Read on!

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Dating is not always easy. It involves a lot of talking and getting to know the other person. Which I am okay with but what I don't find appealing is going on a date with someone I don't know at all. This involves blind dates or going on a date with someone I just met. With apps like Tinder, one would expect dating to get easier, but that just isn't happening in my case. So, I spoke to a few other women my age about why they are scared to date and I was happy to know that I am not the only one who's paranoid about these things. Here are a few reasons that scare most of us about dating.

1. The guy could be a psychopath. Yea, I just met him, and he asked me out already? How much does he know me? Does he have some ulterior motive? What if he starts stalking me when I politely say no to his offer to go on a second date? What if he writes my number all over the city and writes, 'call me for fun', below that? What if he's a serial killer?

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2. He could be a distraction. Yes, I mean, come on! I have a career for heaven's sake! I could lose my focus for all you know!

3. What if he turns out to be a narcissist? He might not respect my opinions and try to push his views on me. He could be totally self-absorbed and place his needs over mine!

4. He could be a con. You can't really trust someone without knowing them. But doesn't everyone try to act nice and sweet when they are meeting a new person? He could act fine until he gains my trust and then he could rob me, for all you know.

5. What if he tries to change me? What if he changes the way I think, what if he tries to influence all my life choices? I don't want to lose myself.

6. What if decides one day that he doesn't want to be with me anymore? He just ghosts and moves on, and I am unable to get over him?

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