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4 reasons why breaking up with a friend hurts more than ending a relationship

The emptiness you feel after ending friendships is unmatched.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : November 15, 2017 10:32 AM IST

The weekend parties, the late night calls, sharing those funny screenshots, laughing till your stomach hurts, or cheering each other up with a warm hug or silly something you ve done it all with your friends. Your friends become your anchors for life. They are the first person you reach too when things aren t going right or even when you have a crush on someone. Imagine losing a friend. It is heart-wrenching and it aches more than losing a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • You ve done things unconditionally: You ve loved and been there for each other through thick and thin. You ve done a lot of things for them without really expecting anything. You've always dedicated to friendship and been just a call away. Your friend reciprocates equally. To lose such unconditional support and love in life does break you emotionally.
  • Years of togetherness: Friendships are never short term. You ve developed that till-death-do-us-part bond. It s not at all easy to let go of those wonderful memories you ve built together. Read: Things only best friends know.
  • There is no shoulder: When you break up with your partner, you always had a friend to tell you what a prick the person was or how you deserve someone better in life. When you lose a friend, you really have no shoulder. Even your significant other won t be able to console you or make you feel better in this situation because that job of helping you handle a heartbreak was best done by your bestie. Read: 4 peaceful ways to break-up with a friend.
  • You can t start again: It s easier to begin dating again post a break-up than finding a new friend. Finding a like-minded, understanding person who will reciprocate equally is extremely rare. Friendships never develop so easily so the void your old friend creates remains the same for a long time and it is certainly painful.

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