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7 reasons guys love giving you an oral

Real men tell you why they like giving you an oral job.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : February 2, 2017 1:15 PM IST

Yes. There are men out there who believe in the art of giving than just expecting one all the time. Oral sex may be associated with the woman pleasing the man at most times but when it is mutual or when a woman is given an oral job, it just takes the whole act to another level. If you haven t explored this option yet, it s time you try it. Coming back to men pleasuring women with an oral job, here are reasons why they love giving you an oral:

Strengthens the bond There are men who believe in making that strong mental and emotional connect and not just keep it physical when it comes to sex. Men feel a stronger connection when the woman sheds her inhibitions and consciousness about her privates and opens up completely to her man.

The view is awesome It s not just the view of your privates but how your body looks from that angle. It s a pleasure seeing her boobs from below. The curves, the shivering of the body, the soft glossy hair. The sight is definitely worth it , says 27 year old Rishi from Mumbai. You can also try these 5 oral sex positions.

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They love what your fingers do Most men like the feeling of your fingers in their hair and the way you either push their head or try to pull it back. It s a big turn on. Men also enjoy when you rub their shoulders or back or just pull them back for a smooch during the act. It s a different kind of foreplay altogether.

Reciprocation So it works two ways. Men who enjoy oral want to do it out of gratitude. Sounds like a heavy word when it comes to intimacy. But they want to give you the same kind of pleasure they get from an oral job. And another angle is, of course, the karma kind of reciprocation. It s not a barter system that we want. But the fact that we please her may increase the chances of her doing the same today, tomorrow or someday later , says Abhishek from Pune. Here are some ways to make your woman give you oral sex and enjoy it too.

Makes multiple orgasms possible Men like seeing a woman orgasm multiple times. A good oral sex session can help her achieve an orgasm multiple times and also keep the act going longer. It s like a sex marathon and why won t men love it. Here s how you can use your nose to intensify sexual pleasure during oral sex.

Men feel like sex Gods Men enjoy seeing the woman moan in pleasure and an oral job does wonders to her. The C-spot or the clitoris gets maximum attention this time and women can go insane when it s touched or rubbed in the right way. Since they can even fondle with your breasts in this position, it s more than enough to arouse them. The sounds, the smell, the way she moves and the overall pleasure she experiences makes me feel like a sex God , chuckles Vishal from Mumbai.

Reduces performance pressure It may sound weird but men orgasm pretty fast after all the foreplay and the moment they penetrate. Women take a little longer and the pressure builds up to control your ejaculation till that time. Giving her an oral prepares her and brings her closer to the climax. This also increases the chances of we-gasm. Sounds logical, doesn t it ladies?

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