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Real women tell you why they fake orgasms

Your wife or girlfriend could be faking orgasms too.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : November 15, 2017 10:55 AM IST

Can you imagine what will happen if women stopped faking an orgasm? A lot of men would be shattered. Women have several valid and a few invalid reasons to fake. Some don t like asking for what they want, while the others just try to be nice. We asked a few women to share their reasons for faking the O and here s what they say:

I don t want to disappoint him. He doesn t last very long and I have seen him put an effort but to no success. But he really loves me and makes enough attempts at foreplay. So I fake an orgasm most of the times to make him feel better, says Shruti. Read: How to make a woman orgasm in 4 easy steps.

I have faked orgasms to just get done with the sex ritual on a tiring day. I can t always tell him I am tired and not in a mood. So I get on with the act but fake it so that he doesn t have to engage in too much foreplay or try to last long, says Praniti. Read: Vaginal orgasm vs clitoral orgasm.

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My partner doesn t finish ever when he is drunk. But he does want sex to satisfy me and make it wild. So he goes really hard assuming I am having a lot of fun. I have enjoyed a couple of times but now it s boring to just know that he won t climax and will keep going hard till I don t. I d rather finish with it and call it a night. So faking works, says Shaina. Read: How to give her a blended orgasm?

I am unable to come through penetration. This is to do with the fact that I have been single for long and usually masturbated through grinding or fingering. It takes me just a few minutes to get the Big O with an oral job or fingering but ages through penetration. So I fake all the time. Sometimes when I want it bad, I ask him to give me multiple, one with his hand and other the old-school way, says Vaidehi.

Sometimes I am just unable to come even after a lot of attempts. We try positions, different angles, oral jobs and everything but it just doesn t reach there. So I go with the flow and fake it to make my partner feel satisfied that it was a good session, says Preeti. Read: How soon after an orgasm can you have sex again?

I fake it whenever I am upset with my partner. He often says or indicates something very insensitive before or during the activity and it s a put-off. I just am so hurt but don t want to make him feel that sex is a favour I do to him, so I go on with the artificial drama of Ohs and Aahs, says Kritika.

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