Real men reveal how they resist the temptation in long distance relationships

While it is easy to slip when you are away from your partner, these men tell you how they avoid it.

Every long distance relationship has trust issues in the initial stages. In the current scenario, it s not easy to resist the temptation for both men and women. However, men are blamed for cheating on their long-distance partners more. This may not be completely true. Everyone is tempted but whether they succumb to it or come out clean is totally their call. We asked some men how they resist the sexual encounters when they are away from their partners and here are some responses:

My tattoo that has her name keeps me away from slipping. It s right near my thumb so every time I have to even shake hands with a girl, it stares back at me and I am reminded that someone far off trusts me and loves me a lot more , says Tarun. Read: Do long distance relationships work?

I ensure I meet her at least once a month. We have amazing sex during this time and those memories help me jerk off during the time we are away from each other. Every time I am tempted, I count the days left to be with her and it s easy to control then , says Chirag.

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Sexting and video sex have worked for us till date. Every time I have someone hitting on me or in case I have the hots for a new colleague or friend, I sext my girlfriend and we have phone sex or video sex that night. I won t deny that I may have imagined the other girl I am attracted to, when jerking off but this trick helps me keep my hands off her , says Kartik. Here are some tips to make your long distance relationships work.

Whenever I have had the temptation to make out with someone or take them on a date to end up in bed, I think what if my girlfriend does the same. The thought of being cheated on hurts a lot. And if I am not open to the idea, I can t put her through this feeling either , says Sam.

I flirt with many women when I am away from my girlfriend. I have shared a few episodes with her too. But I never go out on dates with these girls or call them over to my apartment. In fact, I stop flirting the day it gets touchy feely from their side and they get a hint , says Ritesh. Read: 8 ways to be happy in a long distance relationship.

Even the thought of cheating her has never occurred to me. There are plenty of hot women and I have seen quite a few. But I can never ever flirt with them. If a girl tries to hit on me, I start talking about my girlfriend and how pretty she is. There is no way this conversation can lead to anything else. I am clear in my mind that I love her a lot and I will always be loyal to her , says Umesh.

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