Real married men tell you why they are on tinder

Real married men tell you why they are on tinder
The study noted that non-single Tinder users who were on the higher side of psychopathy were also engaged in more one-night stands © Shutterstock

Why is Tinder full of married men? Find out.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : June 29, 2017 3:16 PM IST

It comes as no surprise that there are a plethora of married men on Tinder. My friends even coined the term MBA (married but available) for them. So what is it that brings these men on Tinder? Is it just window shopping, exploring a new app or are they bored of monogamy? We asked a few colleagues and friends who are on Tinder to ask the MBAs what brings them to Tinder and here are some responses:

My sex life is non-existent. We don t have sex for months at an end and this has been the case from the time we got married. I tried to avoid straying but we all have needs. My wife doesn t understand so I decided to have a casual fling. I don t mean to leave her ever but I need intimacy too, says Chirag from Ahmedabad. Read: 6 types of creeps you will find on Tinder.

I started using Tinder because I had to move to a new city for work without my family. Besides my colleagues, I needed friends in the city. So the idea of connecting with like-minded people of the opposite sex to hang out in the evenings seemed right. I am upfront about my status and not looking for sex. As funny as it may sound, I am here only to make friends, says Viraj from Nashik.

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I started using Tinder to understand how online hook-ups work. My wife knows I am on Tinder. I don t meet my Tinder matches but just chat with them. There is some kind of healthy flirting and no I don t reveal that I am married but my wife has the freedom to check my messages and chats with the matches, says Parag from Bangalore. Read: 8 times it is a good idea to unmatch a guy on Tinder.

My marriage is going through a lot of turbulence. We are trying to work things but it s difficult hence to divert my mind from these everyday issues, I logged into Tinder. It s fun to chat with strangers, makes me feel young and energetic. I am open to casual sex or hook-ups too. Technically, I am not cheating because we are just forcing ourselves to be together for the sake of kids, shares Pratik from Indore.

A casual affair or doing the forbidden can certainly spice up your married life. I am on Tinder to chat up with women who are OK with dating married men and are up for some dirty talking too. It peps me up and I am able to make my married life better with it. I try flirting with my wife in a similar pattern and she likes it, says Amit from Mumbai.

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