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Quarantine romance: Video dating in the time of COVID-19 pandemic

If you get a little comfortable with your virtual date after a few meet-ups, don’t resist the urge to express yourself.

Video dating will help you beat the overall mood of gloom amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Read onto to know how to do it right.

Written by Sanyukta Baijal |Published : April 13, 2020 1:01 AM IST

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have changed the ways of the world including our daily lives and mindset. Apart from the alarmingly escalating burden of death, this global pandemic has come with an unprecedented challenge: Loneliness. In the current scenario, social isolation seems to be our potential saviour from the onslaught of this untamable virus. But this all-too-necessary social distancing has robbed us of our usual flow of life, making strong emotional intimacy more crucial than ever. While staying in touch with our close ones through phone or video calls and messages is the need of the hour, online dating can help us beat the overall mood of gloom. In fact, video dating and virtual meet-ups through dating apps can help you meet your social and 'intimate' needs without affecting your personal or community's health.


Ironically, COVID-19 pandemic has given online dating the push it was waiting for. Dating apps offering virtual video meet-ups are now becoming the hubs of first dates. The best thing about a virtual date is that it ensures comfortable intimacy at a safe distance. Moreover, in these times economic uncertainty, it is easy on your pocket. Bonus: A virtual date saves you a lot of effort. All you need is half an outfit.


If you are an old school person who finds it awkward to open up to someone without meeting him or her in person, then this is the time to come out of your cocoon. Take the plunge. Now. However, if you want your virtual romance to bloom amidst quarantine, you need to follow some video dating tricks.

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Plan it well

Yes, video dating needs some prior planning too. Clean up your 'dating corner' and choose a backdrop that reflects your personality the best. Think of it like creating a noteworthy dating profile. For example, a bookshelf can be a good backdrop for a writer while a musician can have her record collection right behind her.

Maintain privacy at your 'dating spot'

Yes, you need some privacy, even when you make that video call from the comfort of your home. Make sure your door is locked while you are on your video date. Also, don't forget to put on your headphones, so that your conversation remains private.

Dress up like you would on your first date

Well, you cannot step out for a date at the moment, but you can always dress up for one. Yes, assume that it is not happening in the video and get ready like you would on your first outing with your new romantic interest. Put on the kind of make-up that suits your personality and spritz a little bit of perfume too. Though the other person can't smell you, you'll feel good about yourself and that is necessary for a virtual date too.

Create a romantic ambience

When you are video dating from home, you are actually inviting your romantic interest to your personal space. So, creating an ambience of romance is important. Light a candle, if possible and hold a nice glass of drink while talking. A colourful cocktail or mocktail can add to the aesthetics of your space. Also, don't do your first virtual date from bed. It creates a hookup-like ambience.

Don't hold back your feelings

If you get a little comfortable with your virtual date after a few meet-ups, don't resist the urge to express yourself. Talk about your future plans if you wish to meet in person once the quarantine is over. Also, you can sometimes have dinner together 'digitally'. Yes, it is a different situation all together but maintaining a strong communication is the key. It can lead to an equally intimate and serious relationship as you expect when you meet someone in real.

Spice up your conversation

You can even try spicing up the conversation with your date after a few virtual meet-ups. Dirty-talking can be a good start with your romantic interest once you are comfortable.

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