5 people who are ruining your marriage

You may not cheat on your spouse but a third person can still be ruining your marriage. Watch out before its too late.

When you hop in bed at the end of the day, who are the people you are thinking about? Is it the pesky mom-in-law, a colleague who s hilarious, your best friend or your own mom and her relationship advice? When you lie in bed with your partner-for-life, the only person you should focus on is your spouse. If that s not happening, you are not being fair to your relationship. Other relationships can start affecting your marriage even before you realize. Take control and think hard, are the following relationships interfering with your marriage. Do you know a happy marriage makes you healthy?

The mother

No, we don t mean your spouse s mother. It s your own mother. More often than not, mothers act protective and constantly interfere in their child s life. You are a grown-up now and if you did not listen to her when you bunked classes in college, you need to filter her advice and take only what will help your marriage. Avoid the habit of sharing every small tiff you ve had with your partner with your parents. Your spouse is not happy with this habit of yours and it may result in further arguments.

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The mother-in-law

You find her evil because she bosses around or directs your partner on how to treat you. Read point one. If you adhere to this, chances are your spouse will start liking her. Make it clear to your parents that your marriage comes first and that will not change your love and respect for them. Once this is clear, the old clich might change a bit and mothers-in-law will get wary of dictating their terms when living with you.

Your kids

Parents often argue over how kids are raised and each other s responsibility towards them. Yes, paying attention to the little one is necessary but not at the cost of your marriage. Don t always cook the food your kid enjoys, your spouse needs attention too. Teach your child to like what you both do. Similarly, the mom doesn t have to be solely responsible for the child. Share it with her. Above all, kids are a proof of a strong bond and love between the two of you. Do not let it fade because of them.

The best friend

You love your best friend and can spend hours with her/him. But don t go yapping about what you discussed or how you feel when you talk to them. If the friend is of the opposite gender, your spouse is sure to be intimidated, even jealous. And even if they are of the same gender, your spouse wants and needs to be the most important person in your life. We are not saying that you give up you personal life. Just try to prioritize well.

The colleague

Call him/her the work-spouse if you have a close friend of the opposite gender at work. You spend 8-10 hours of a day with them, share inside joke, and have a great time. Back home you have to serve dinner, wind up the kitchen chores, put kids to bed leaving you with a feeling that your spouse is so boring and doesn t even spend time with you. Don t ever start comparing your partner to your office spouse. The atmosphere, your behavior, mood everything is different at work and hence, your coworker gets only the best of you. Bring him/her to reality and they d start looking boring too.

Do not let these relations be the reason you go to bed annoyed with each other. The key is to prioritize and ensure that your relationship with your partner tops the list. Also, check these 10 signs that show you are cheating on your spouse emotionally.

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